Boycold Profile | Get to Know The SMTM 8 Producer

Hey, boy, it’s cold! The signature sound reminds us about some songs from High School Rapper 2 and 3. With SMTM 8 started, Lets check the producer Boycold Profile

Boycold profile

Boycold Profile

Real Name : Jung Sungwon
Boycold Birthday : 21st of June 1995 , Incheon South Korea
Crew : Yelowsmob
Agency : Sony Music Korea
Apple Music ; Spotify
Instagram : @Boycold_


Boycold profile starts | Debut (2015) with Crucial Star

Boycold wrote his first song “Boys to Men” in 2015 for rapper Crucial Star EP “Boyhood,” and has been working as a music producer since, mainly in hip-hop. It was thanks to Sik-K that he first got to know Crucial Star, but they met for the first time when they participated in the song “Jeommejeong” as a feature. Boycold wanted to show Crucial Star his work, so Boycold played the beat of Boys To Men.



Boycold Childhood : Beatbox, band & Rapper

Boycold was interested in music for the first time through beat-boxing when he was an elementary school student.  When he was an elementary school student, beat-boxing was a local trend. Boycold wanted to get bigger from that. TMI : Check out video above : 44 Seconds to see Boycold Beatbox.

In high school, he formed a hip-hop band with school friends because he began to rap and produce music. Then he was recruited by C9 Entertainment. While he was rapping and producing, he made hip-hop bands with high school friends, he often post it on Korean SNS platform such as Cyworld (Youtube isn’t a thing in Korea back then)

Boycold also a rapper before. Wait, Rapper ?? He felt grateful choosing to focus only on producing because he better at that. He told GroovyRoom he cannot be where he is now if he split his focus between rap & producing. Since he can make music, he thought that he could become someone like Tablo (can make music & rap). But he knows his own limit so he stop rapping when he’s 19 years old, compared to rapper like Beenzino, his rap seems mediocre.



First Encounter with Bewhy

Boycold maybe an Inha University alumnus, because he met Bewhy for the first time when Bewhy was an Inha University student. Boycold was affected by Seoul furthermore Inha located near Seoul. Since he was 19 years old, he started living in Seoul, so I wasn’t really affected by Incheon. So, he felt nice to meet BewhY.

Boycold & Bewhy collaboration also ended up with an awards winning Song ‘Puzzle’ (with Cjamm). The track eventually become the best Rap performance of MNET Asia Music Awards (MAMA) in 2016.


The Meaning of His Stage Name, Boycold | There’s two meaning


First, GroovyRoom Hwimin supported him to use his stage name because Hwimin commented, “You are so cold!” The main reason Boycold chose his stage name because he wanted such a cool name stage like his favorite rapper, J. Cole. The two words, “boy,” and “cold,” are the best words that could describe him.  He thought that his emotions were really cold at that time. That’s where I came up with the word “Cold.” Boy is just a boy.

Second, Boycold is an abbreviation of “Boy Can’t be Old”. Boycold related it with his EP, Post Youth. He actually came across the phrase, “Youth has no age” by Pablo Picasso while he was working on the album that really touched Boycold. Boycold have been thinking how to spend his youthful days without any regret. Just like Picasso’ Phrase that made Boycold realize that “it’s OK as long as you keep your senses young.”



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