Hwang Yerin Flight | Lets go travel together ~

Hwang Yerin Flight. Let’s go travel together with rookie singer Hwang Yerin that just debuted this year on 2019 ~

Hwang Yerin

Hwang Yerin is a singer songwriter with R&B genre that debut just few months ago, february 2019. But actually, she’s already known in South Korea music industry since 2012, wait isnt that 7 years ago ?? Yup ! Hwang Yerin actually appear as a contestant at The first season of ‘The Voice’ Korea. Anyone remembers ???


Hwang Yerin Flight Music video

Let’s go travel !! Hwang Yerin invite you to listen to the new track ‘Flight’ that gonna makes you feel the sea breeze with different weather. Yup  Hwang Yerin & Film crew doesnt expect the rain gonna come at the shooting scene yet Hwang Yerin just keep going ahead with the shoot because that’s what traveling is, enjoy unexpected things ~


Hwang Yerin appearance on The Voice Korea season 1 (2012)



Hwang Yerin cover ‘Fall’  (Original Crush)

Make sure to follow Hwang Yerin on Instagram :@yeah_riny . She’s gonna be really active this year so don’t miss out !


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