Zene The Zilla Ambition Musik | New bition boyz

Zene The Zilla Ambition Musik new member. Ambition Musik is one of the most active label to recruit artist to the family in 2019. This is the 3rd recruit in a span of a month.

Zene The Zilla Ambition Musik

The Quiett said that there’s gonna be new member coming to ambition musik last week on NBA Buzzer Beat Festival 2019. Now it’s revealed to be one of the closest artist to The Quiett in the recent years, Zene The Zilla. Now we need to wait for more Dingo Freestyle episode with Zene The Zilla added to the mix of bition boyz

-Zene The ZIlla ambition Musik artist alongside


SMTM 777 stint

Zene The Zilla have many memorable scene in the program, most notably the battle against kid rapper D.ark in the 3rd round. Zene was not chosen by any team in the top 16 and was eliminated in the process last year on SMTM 777.



One of the most famous track of Zene THe ZIlla is when he featured in The Quiett track Gui gam from the album Glow Forever. He’s also been active perform regularly in events & perform alongside saimsaim gang (Team Changmo & The Quiett in SMTM 777 : Coogie, Superbee & lee Dongmin) after SMTM 777 ended.

Zene The ZIlla & The Quiett ‘Gui Gam’

Zene The Zilla is confirmed to join this year SMTM 8 alongside best friend Woodie Gochild. It’s only a week till the episode start, will we see the money colored hair rapper in the programs once again ??

Zene The ZIlla & Woodie Gochild SMTM 8 online audition : Swarovski drip

Make sure to follow Zene The Zilla Ambition Musik on Instagram @zenethezilla ; @Ambition_musik . 



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