Punchnello Sam Kim | Joined forces with New Song 23

It seems like Punchnello doesn’t want to give us time to miss him, because Punchnello Sam Kim suddenly release a new single ’23’.

Punchnello Sam Kim 23

After releasing his first EP ‘ordinary.’ back in January, Punchnello recently released a new song called ’23’, which also features singer-songwriter Sam Kim. Punchnello, who has just turned 23 last May (Korean age), seems to be telling a story about how he feels on his new age. ’23’ is about comforting and encouraging people who walk on a difficult path. The song also expresses how Punchnello intends to take care of himself more.

Punchnello Sam Kim -- ’23’

With relaxing beats and guitar lines as well as Sam Kim’s soothing voice on the chorus, ’23’ definitely could become our go-to song whenever we feel like we need comfort and encouragement ourselves.



While we wait for ’23’ MV to drop, check out Punchnello’s latest MV for ‘Winter Blossom’. TMI: Punchnello also join this year SMTM 8 that gonna air next week on 26th of July 2019, excited ??

Punchnello -- ‘Winter Blossom’ (featuring SAAY) MV

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