DJ Wegun Sogumm and Hoody | Meet Me When This Rain Stops

Rainy days don’t have to be gloomy or depressing. Because waiting for the rain to stop can be a pleasant thing. That’s what I’ve learned from DJ Wegun sogumm latest release ‘Meet Me When This Rain Stops’.

DJ Wegun

DJ Wegun is back with his latest single ‘Meet Me When This Rain Stops’ after releasing ‘Band Wegun Effect’ EP back in September 2018. Collaborating with Sogumm and Hoody on the track, ‘Meet Me When This Rain Stops’ is about making a promise to someone: a promise to meet up after the rain stops. The song explores the feelings of anticipation and expectation to meet up with each other, and to not make the rain as an excuse or obstacle to not meeting up.

DJ Wegun Sogumm  ‘Meet Me When This Rain Stops’ (featuring Hoody) MV

The MV of this song features an animated visual of a dog walking in the rain with a bird holding on an umbrella that plays throughout the MV. There’s gonna be another Live version MV of the song that you can also join!! You can use hashtag #Meetmewhenthisrainstops on INstagram, send your video with theme related with the song and it will be included in the Music video release!


DJ Wegun -- ‘Teach Me’ (featuring Sogumm and Punchnello) on ONSTAGE

DJ Wegun and Sogumm worked together for the second time for ‘Meet Me When This Rain Stops’, with ‘Teach Me’ off DJ Wegun’s EP ‘Band Wegun Effect’ that also features Punchnello being the first time.



Aside from producing, DJ Wegun is still active on performing as a DJ where we can see his name on gig posters from various bars and clubs in Seoul. Several of his remix works also can be found on his Soundcloud account.

DownTown Cruisin’ Mixed by DJ Wegun

Follow DJ Wegun on Instagram: @djwegun for the latest update on his new music and next gig schedule.



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