KittiB 1718 (Salem) Single Album | Back after 2 years

KittiB 1718 (Salem) single album. After more than 2 years KittiB is back with a new single album. It’s been a while ~

KittiB 1718

KittiB debut on 2012 with a track with Zion T ‘Im Here’. Known the most for her stint on Unpretty Rapstar season 2 , Kitti B from brand new music last music release was 2 years ago on June 2017, why ? KittiB have been having a legal court issue against Blacknut in that period (2017 -- 2019). Now everything is over, KittiB also back in the Music scene with a single album titled 1718 (Salem).


Kittib 1718 tracklist

  • Bad Blood
  • Witch
  • Anymore

KittiB ‘Anymore’ MV

The track co produce by producer Young Vass & new VMC producer Freddi casso, they combine for a slow tempo R&B track. There’s a surprise, we’ve been waiting for KittiB rap for 2 years but instead we got her singing voice. A good surprise because KittiB have a strong voice to begin with.



Singing is not the only surprise we got from KittiB after 2 years of hiatus, there’s one more : Dance. KittiB have another track titled ‘Witch’ which there’s a special performance video, check it out!

KittiB ‘Witch’ Performance video

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