Junoflo Acid Freestyle | Another Great Single Release

Junoflo is back and he is on a roll. We’re barely getting on the middle of July yet he has given us two new songs to vibe along to. Junoflo Acid Freestyle & made men

Junoflo Acid Freestyle

After parting ways with Feel Ghood Music back in April 2019, Junoflo is back with yet another great single release called ‘Acid Freestyle’. Earlier this month, Junoflo came back after his departure from Tiger JK’s label with single ‘Made Men’. The single was self-released, unlike ‘Acid Freestyle’ that was released under Good Loox, a creative collective that is represented by Junoflo.

Junoflo Acid Freestyle MV

Written by Junoflo himself and produced by Doomsday (who also produced Jo Woochan’s first single ‘Reality Check’ featuring Dok2), the single also got its MV on the same day of its release. Both the single and the MV have been receiving rave reviews from his fans, and Junoflo isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. With two new singles under his belt, Junoflo hinted that we should be expecting more from him soon.

It’s always exciting to look forward to Junoflo’s new materials as he is one of the artists who is not afraid to be versatile in doing music. I wonder if he is going to do jazz hop again for one of his new songs just like he did back in his early days. He might surprises us again like when he released a latin-pop inspired track ‘La Familia’ or jumped along on the rise of hip-hop and R&B in Japan with a feature on Japanese R&B rising star RIRI’s ‘luv luv’, a track that was composed by Hoody and Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth. My bet is the latter because he’s got a lot to be revealed yet.

RIRI -- ‘luv luv’ MV featuring Junoflo

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With two new single releases in the same month, what do you think Junoflo has in store for us? Let us know in the comments below!