Urban Zakapa Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook | 10 years anniv

Urban Zakapa Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook. It’s 10 years anniversary !! For both KBS 2 program Yoo Heeyeol SKetchbook & Urban Zakapa. Let’s go to their memories trip in the episode.

Urban Zakapa Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook

Urban zakapa now is a powerhouse in Korea music industry, top music charts whenever they release a new song. It’s all come from humble beginning when they debut 10 years ago, spend the early years of their career busking from one place to others. They also gonna share a story about their latest song ‘Seoul Night’ that feature Illionaire rapper Beenzino


Urban Zakapa performance

Urban Zakapa perform their hit songs medley on the beggining of the episode. They have so many hit songs its hard to pick only 3 but they perform : My Love , When We were two & I Dont Love you.

Urban Zakapa ‘I Dont Love You’



Urban Zakapa past

Not born with Silver Spoon. Urban zakapa debut on 2009 with lots of hardship. 3 Musician who pitch in their own money to make music & release own album. They only have enough money to rent the studio for 5 hours so they records 4 songs in short amount of time.


Urban Zakapa Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook share a story behind ‘Seoul Night’

‘Seoul night’ with Beenzino achieve number 1 in music charts !! But many people actually curious as why Beenzino have so many parts?? Beenzino was really enthusiastic to record the song so he ended up recording too much. Urban Zakapa doesn’t mind though, Beenzino is a close friend of them and it’s a honor to have him featuring in ‘Seoul; Night’. Even though many people said it’s Beenzino feat Urban zakapa not to other way around.



Yongzino ??

Park Yongin of Urban zakapa learn to do Beenzino rap for Seoul night. Urban zakapa is one of the most popular artist in south korea and often invited to perform live in events & Concerts. So we got Yongzino to do Beenzino rap verse when they perform without beenzino, what do you think of Park Yongin rap ??


Urban Zakapa ‘2 1 2’

Make sure to follow Urban Zakapa on Instagram : @urbankwon ; @urbanzakapayongin ; @tenomahj. If you want to watch Urban Zakapa Yoo Heeyeol sketchbook english subs you can watch it HERE



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