Kassy Immortal Songs 2 | Sing and Rap Like Unpretty Rapstar 3

Kassy Immortal Songs 2. On the 409th episode of Immortal songs 2, Kassy become one of the guest and perform a legendary song, not only sing, but also show her rap skill!

Kassy Immortal SOngs

For everyone who knew Kassy before 2016, Kassy is a rapper with a swag that always keep everyone in their feet on Unpretty Rapstar. For everyone who knows Kassy afterwards, Kassy is a singer with a clear voice that top the charts with her hit songs. Now, Kassy gonna combine both of her experience as an artist to perform legendary song in Immortal Songs 2 episode 409.


Kassy ‘Though I Love You’ (original Jeon Yoo Na)

On the June 22nd special dedicated to composer┬áKim Jin Ryong, Kassy covered Jeon Yoo Na 1990 hit ballad song “Though I Love You”. She impressed with the emotion she put into the heartbreaking lyrics, and she surprised the audience with her unexpected rap. Kim Jin Ryong commented, “Your emotions touched my heart. Emotions are important for this song because of the lyrics. I enjoyed listening to it.”

However, Kassy wasn’t able to take the round from Duetto, who took the final round. Still Kassy Immortal Songs 2 performance was a joy to our ears.

Listen the original song below!



Bonus : Kassy Summer song Medley

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