Heize We Dont talk together feat Giriboy Prod by Suga oF BTS

Heize we Dont talk together. One of the most anticipated songs this month, July 2019. Heize is already a digital monster, but what about combine it with other two powerful musician Giriboy & Suga of BTS ?? All Kill is an understatement.

Heize we dont talk together

Heize is just a gift that keep on giving. Just 4 months ago Heize release She’s fine album that well love by everyone, featured in Giriboy track ‘Traffic Control’ that goes high in music charts & now Heize is back with new track that probably gonna achieve another milestone as we speak. It’s just 4 years ago that Heize were having a diss battle in Unpretty rapstar as a last resort for her music career, now she’s become a digital monster that top the music chart whenever new songs from Heize is released. Diligence do pay off.


Heize we dont talk together feat Giriboy prod by Suga MV

We Don’t Talk together is a song about a long time after farewell, both still have a feelings of each other but no one seems to have the courage to talk to the one that they loved in the past., just like giriboy & heize verse : “The cafe we often went together, It’s just a minute walk to your house, turn right turn left i arrive ; I know, We still love each other, we dont talk together, i’m still into you”.  The beat by Suga sound crisp even though the lyrics is gloomy, a good choice cause hearing gloomy lyrics with gloomy music is not my go to song in the summer.



This is not the first time that Suga of BTS produce track for KHH/KrnB artist. There’s a hit song of Suran ‘Wine’ featuring Changmo & also produce ‘Eternal Sunshine‘ track for Epik High ‘Sleepless in ________’ EP,

Suran ‘Wine’ feat Changmo prod by Suga of BTS live performance

Bonus : Heize behind the scene pic for We dont talk together

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