Cheetah Hwasa Twit cover | MNET The Call 2

Cheetah Hwasa twit cover. In the first episode of MNET The Call Season 2, Cheetah become one of the guest. In the introduction stage Cheetah cover Hwasa of Mamamoo hit song ‘Twit’.Cheetah Hwasa Twit

Cheetah is known as the fierce rapper with straightforward lyrics & personality. But recently, the mentor of School rapper & Produce 101 is rediscover herself with a new talent, singing. Cheetah have been more confidence with here singing skills, the latest track of Cheetah ‘Flight’ feat Chaboom also feature more singing voice of Cheetah rather than rap, which a bless because cheetah voice is really one of its kind.


Cheetah Hwasa Twit Cover on MNET the call

Do you guess it right ?? It’s okay if you guess it wrong, Even Soyou fellow Produce 101 Mentor never expect its gonna be her close friend cheetah. This segment is one of the must watch segment of MNET ‘The Call’, the PD/director of the show is the same PD as MNET ‘I Can See Your voice‘, that’s why the segment look really familiar.



Cheetah also show her singing prowess on MBC King of masked singer back in 2015. Not only her voice is good for hip hop song but it also suit ballad music aswell, that just gameshark cheat code kind of voice right there.

Cheetah ‘Sadness guide’ (Original Kim Bumsoo)

Bonus : Cheetah on Unpretty rapstar

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