Ailee ButterFLY | Solo comeback after 2 years & 8 months

Ailee Butterfly a new Album after 2 years & 8 months. Wait, 2 years & 8 Months ?? Isn’t Ailee really active recently ?? Yup ! But not in terms of making her own music per se.

Ailee Butterfly

Ailee last solo music is on October 2016 with the EP ‘A New Empire’ . Since then Ailee have been focusing more as Drama OST singer while still features & perform regulary in events/concerts. Ailee also join as the cast of MNET ‘The Call’ Season 1 where Ailee have collaboration with other talented artist such as Gummy Suran, Bewhy, Taeil of Block B among many others. TMI : Ailee also become South Korea representative to North Korea alongside Zico, Ali & many more.


Ailee Butterfly Album tracklist

  • Midnight
  • Want It
  • Headlock
  • Room Shaker
  • Love feat Chen of EXO
  • Nothing At All
  • You are precious because who you are
  • Fire
  • Aint that party
  • Heartcrusher Feat undaunted & DJ koo

Just like a colorful butterfly wings, Ailee want to show many side of Ailee with different type of music.

Ailee Room Shaker Music video

Room shaker is a R&B Dance track that were produced by Jonatan Gusmark & ​​Ludvig Evers aka Moonshine who produce tracks for Red velvet ‘Peek A Boo’ & Twice ‘Dance the night away‘. Ailee also have a showcase to promote the album and answer lots of question regarding music, album concept and future activities. TMI : The song ‘Room Shaker‘ does well in South Korea music charts : top several charts when it release.



Ailee is known for singing prowess, hitting all the high note easily yet not many know about Ailee music style that actually not as ‘ballad’ as Ailee popular OST. Make sure to listen to the full album to check out different type of Ailee music.

AIlee & Mad Clown ‘Thirst’

Bonus :  Ailee ‘I WIll go to you like the first snow’

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