MNET The Call | Amazing Collaboration From various genre

MNET The Call !! Ever wish for your favorite artist to collaborate with singer from different genre ?? It’s not a wish anymore because there’s a program titled The Call !

MNET The Call

MNET The call is a variety music program that air every friday on 9 PM KST. The show concept is unique, it’s a competition yet it doesn’t feel intense compared other MNET Survival show such as : SMTM, PD 101, HSR & Unpretty rapstar. Every week, the cast gonna collaborate with each other to perform new songs that combine different type of genre! A program to enjoy good music without the need to feel all the anxiety & stress from intense drama & competition.


MNET The call rules

  • Love Call : The cast gonna call the secret guest, if the guest call them back they gonna become a team (the guest will be hidden just like King of masked singer)
  • No Call :  The cast & the secret guest who doesnt get a call will team up
  • Last Call : if there’s more than two guest that didnt get a call


MNET the call Season 1 :

Air from 29th of June 2018, The first Season of The Call produce tons great music with collaboration from talented artist ! Korean hip hop & Rnb artist also got a chance to collaborate with multiple artist and showcase their talent to the bigger audience. We also got snippet of their fun personality in the show ~



Bewhy x Crush ‘0-100’

GRAY, Loco , UV, Kim Jong Kook & Hwang Chiyeul


Ailee MNET & Gummy performance



MNET The Call Season 2

After Season 1 that show promising prospect, MNET decide to release another season of MNET The Call. This time, the expectation were higher consider how the songs from the 1st season is so good. It start to air on 5th of July 2019. Who do you think gonna be the special guests for this seasons ??


If you curious about the show, you can follow MNET The Call Instagram @Mnet_cuvoice . Don’t miss the program every friday 9 pm KST !



What do you think about MNET The Call ?? Let us know your opinion about the program in the comment section below !