Leellamarz Marz 2 Ambition | Ambition Musik debut

Latest member of Ambition musik release his first musik under the new label !! Let’s find out more about Leellamarz marz 2 ambition album !

Leellamarz Marz 2 Ambition

Leellamarz joining ambition musik after being personally invited by The Quiett. The quiett is a big fan of Leellamarz music and want to invite Leellamarz to join the company, but the rapper from Wayside Crew is still studying in Manhattan School of Music. Now Leellamarz already graduate and gonna focus on his music activities with fellow bition boyz !

Leellamarz Marz 2 Ambition tracklist

  • True feat Beenzino
  • Choice feat 22
  • Cold
  • Ambition feat Ash Island, Kim Hyoeun, Hash Swan & Changmo
  • 1 feat Dok2
  • WSignsUp  feat Wayside
  • Jhoncnow feat Owen Ovadoz, Justhis & Takeone
  • Broken feat Vinxen & Woo wonjae
  • Winnin feat Jvckiwai
  • Drunk feat 22
  • Izakaya feat SIk-k
  • Feel feat Coogie
  • Perfect

Not only have many featuring artist, Leellamarz marz 2 ambition also have numerous producer that help & participate in the tracks : Way Ched, TOIL, Boycold, Midas P, Panda gomm, Kid wine & Groovyroom.


Leellamarz ‘Ambition’ feat Ash Island, kim Hyoeun, hash Swan & Changmo

Title track of Leellamarz ‘Ambition’ feature fellow Ambition musik artist. A slow tempo acoustic track made by TOIL of wayside town crew. Leellamarz tell a story of how he join Ambition musik & his future ambition in the lyrics “Q Call me up and i got Bition boyz lets be succesful together, I’ve gained so much, wayside keep an eye, i stay with them together and fulfill my emptiness”



Leellamarz also known as violinist, he’s studying violin in Korea national university of Arts. Leella show case his violin skill in one of the track ‘Cold’. Check out Leellamarz violin skills before the track ends on 2:53.

leellamarz ‘Cold’ prod by Boycold


Leellamarz Illionaire Sign

Leellamarz Marz 2 Ambition

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