Sik-k Moon Is it Love ?? Produced by GXXD

Sik-k Moon collaboration. Once more we got the collaboration of Kwon minsik, Moon Sujin & producer Vangdale !! The last one is a gem, what about this one ??

Sik-k Moon

Sik-k have been having one of the busiest year in KHH Industry, just finish the world tour ‘FL1P’ going all over the globe from Europe, North america & Australia. Moon just debut with Million market last year, have been performing on events while getting more recognition from KHH/KRNB fans.


Sik-k Moon ‘Is it Love?’

“Can i come In?” the signature sound of GXXD who consist of producer vangdale (Kwon Seyoung left GXXD because of circumstances). Is it Love ? SIk-k lyrics is about pondering if starting to feel anxious & conscious means to be fall in love “I was upset, but it’s not like i’m saying you should notice (Seriously!) I keep looking at you but you were looking at your phone for an hour”




One more of Sik-k & Moon collaboration ‘Can i Come in’ By GXXD

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