SOLE How we Live EP | 2nd Chordshare project

SOLE how we live EP. 2nd Artist to join Chordshare project, a new project between two music family Amoeba Culture & Devine Channel

SOLE How We Live

SOLE debut on 2017 as an artist of Devine Channel. Sole didnt have many tracks yet but already feature in a tracks of THAMA, Gaeko & Jooyoung. Where the stage name SOLE Come from ??  Sole real name is actually Lee Sori, she used to have a nickname ‘Ssol/Sseol’ by mom & friends so she decide to have a stage name SOLE which could also mean ‘One and only in english.


SOLE How we live EP tracklist

  • SAME feat Thama
  • Lovin u feat pH-1
  • Think
  • Nineteen
  • Heum


Sole Lovin’ U feat pH-1

Lovin’ u feature H1GHRMUSIC rapper pH-1 !! There’s actually a fun story between SOLE & pH-1. When SOLE just debut in 2017, pH-1 like SOLE Music back then and help share it on his SNS. SOLE never forget about it and promise she gonna work together with pH-1 one day, now she can contact pH-1 for the project and Harry (ph-1 real name) gladly accept.



SOLE perform Jooyoung ‘First’ that she featured in

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Pics Source : @Amoebakorea

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