Swings Radio Star ep 622 | The Musician & Businessman

Swings Radio star Guest. Check out Swings stories about being a businessman & musician. Also share that he gonna retire in few years.

Swings Radio Star

Swings Radio Star share a lot of story about his present & future. Before we start to watch the episode, remember that this is not the same Moon Swings from the 2010’s. He’s become calm, composed & full of insight. Maybe because he’s not only an artist/musician but also a business

Radio Star Ep 622 Guest list


Swings often use #IMJMWDP hashtag on his SNS post, what does it mean ?? It’s an abbrevation of his music agency : Indio Music, Just Music & Wedaplugg Records. Swings also promote the rising/hottest artist in Korea hip hop industry : Young B, Jvckiwai & Kid Milli


Swings Meditation & autosuggestion

Not only his Music, Swings also recently been known for his meditation/Autosuggestion. Swings Swings believe that autosuggestion is the recipe of success.. if you believe it you can do it ! He actually already release a full album of Autosuggestion that full of self praise & positive words, There’s also news that kindergarten students have been using Swings Autosuggestion for class.



Swings retiring in 5 years

“Doing Music is not fun for me anymore”. Swings decide that he’s gonna retire in 5 years. Swings officially debut on 2008, he’s already have more than 300 songs and feature in more than 50 artists. Now, Swings want to start a new endeavor by trying out new business & endeavor : GYM, Restaurant (pizza), TV personality, Book writer, Youtuber & many more.


Explain ‘Flex’

Swings explain the words ‘Flex’ to the MC. “Just like bodybuilder that show off the muscle gain after working out, we rappers show off our confidence & accomplishment after working hard in music”. In simple terms : yumdda hyung.



Haters, ignore & didn’t sue them

Swings also got a negative reaction recently for working out and show off his body on his SNS page. He’s been living a more healthy life recently, eating healthy food & Working out regularly. Swings won’t sue his haters though, it’s a part of freedom of expression.


Make sure to follow Swings on Instagram :@itsjustswings . If you want to watch the full episode of Swings Radio Star ep 622 appearance you can watch it HERE.



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