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Woo wonjae radio DJ !! The rapper from AOMG gonna be the new radio DJ of SBS Music High radio, ready to bring smile & happiness.

Woo wonjae radio

SBS Music High new DJ is Woo Wonjae !! Starting on 8th of July 2019, the rapper from AOMG gonna be the new radio DJ to replace John Park who decide to step down to focus more on music activities. SBS Music high air everyday on 11 PM KST on SBS radio channel ~


Woo wonjae Radio DJ, not the first time

This is actually not the first time that Woo wonjae become radio DJ. On February, Woo with Code kunst become a special radio DJ on MBC Dreaming radio for 2 weeks !! Guest on Woo Wonjae x Cokun Radio : Lee hi, Gaeko, GRAY, Loco, Nucksal, Haon, Punchnello, ELO & Simon Dominic. The episode were fun so make sure to listen/check it out !


Woo wonjae Radio DJ, One of his dreams

Citing from South Korea news articles, Woo wonjae said that it’s been his dream to become a radio DJ. He gonna work hard to make the regular listener smile & enjoy the radio show. Don’t miss out



Woo wonjae activities

Recently, Woo wonjae also star in new Soccer program documentary ‘Kick It‘ on SPOTV alongside AOMG hyung Simon Dominic & Code Kunst. Woo also surprise everyone with his singing voice when he appear  on MBC ‘King of Masked Singer’.


Woo wonjae ‘King of Masked Singer’


If you want to listen to the radio you can either download the app here or you can watch on Browser and click the radio on the right side



Make sure to follow woo Wonjae on Instagram :@munchinthepool & fanbase on twitter :@wonjaepics


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Pics source : @MBCdreamradio Instagram

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