Code Kunst Radio Star EP 622 | Producer with many story

Code Kunst radio star appearance. On the latest episode of MBC Radio Star, AOMG & Legit goons producer come as a guest !

Code Kunst Radio Star

Code Kunst Radio Star Ep 622. Cokun the producer have been getting lots of attention recently by the public because his fun personality when he appear on MNET ‘SMTM 777′ as a producer and ‘School Rapper 3’ as a mentor. Let’s see what story that Cokun share with everyone in this episode !!

Radio Star ep 622 guest list

  • Swings
  • Code Kunst
  • Nam Jin
  • Yoon Soohyun


Code Kunst stage name ??

Where the stage name of Code Kunst come from ?? It’s quite far from his real name Ju Sungwoo. Code Kunst get the inspiration when he read his mom book. Kunst means art in germany, then he added Code in the front because he want his works to always show his artistic view of the world. Code Kunst TMI : It’s hard to pronounce in korea so everyone just call him Cokun.



Code Kunst income

Our SMTM 777 producer is also gaining in terms of Royalty income .Code Kunst income last year = 10.000 time more than when he debut, When code kunst debut he only make 9.000 won (7usd) Now he can make 10.000 time of that each month. Having multiple songs that top the charts while also being productive seems to do the tricks for cokun




Code Kunst working as School rapper 3 mentor story

Code Kunst also work with international artist such as JMSN. It’s hard to reach because of language & connection barrier but after trying hard, Cokun can reach him and they collaborate for the song ‘Too Late’


Code Kunst recently become School rapper 3 mentor, mentoring Lee Youngji to become the eventual winner. There’s a story that Cokun share in Radio Star : Code Kunst meet one contestant mom that ask Cokun to mentor & Guide her son that appear as one of School rapper 3 contestant.



Code Kunst meditation

Code Kunst also want to follow Swings who been promoting meditation & autosuggestion. One day, Cokun have a stomachache, instead of take medication/go to bathroom Cokun decide to meditate and say to himself ‘I Don’t have stomachache, it doesnt hurt” . Well as you can expect it didnt work and Cokun stop meditating since.


Code Kunst Radio star talent

Well. this is unexpected.


Make sure to follow Code Kunst on Instagram : @Code_kunst . If you want to watch Code kunst radio star appearance you can watch it HERE



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