Sikboy Bros Night | With fellow crew member

Sikboy Bros night. Rapper Sikboy is back with his fellow crew !! Let’s get to know more about Sikboy, Bros night crew & the track ~

Sikboy Bros Night

Sikboy officially debut on 2016 with the track Raw shiit . Also known for his two appearance on Show Me The Money (5 & 6). Now, Sikboy have a new crew ‘Bros Night’ !! I still havent got an information about how & when the crew started but we really looking forward for more crew/indivudal activities from Bros Night .

Bros Night Crew member :

  • Sikboy
  • Plan Z
  • Maddux
  • Henry Kim
  • Clayheart
  • Ilmo
  • Nuff Louis


Sikboy Bros Night feat Nuff Louis, Plan Z & Ilmo

“CLAY ON YOUR HEART” That’s the signature sound of Producer Clayheart of Bros night that you probably already hear on sevetral artist tracks including Dino T, Flowsik & Poy Muzeum. Beside the fire rap from Sikboy, Plan Z & Nuff Louis, there’s also a guitar solo by producer & Guitarst ILMO in the end, that’s a nice twist.



Sikboy also plan to join this year SMTM 8 . Hope he can go farther than previous stint on SMTM 5 & 6. Can’t wait to see Sikboy next month on 26th of July !

Sikboy SMTM 8 online audition

Make sure to follow Sikboy & Bros Night crew On Instagram : @Sikboy714 & @brosnight_official



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