Wilcox View | New single feature ChoiLB & Boni

Wilcox View . A new single by R&B Singer Wilcox that feature Boni & WYBH Rapper CHoiLB. This is a contiuation of Wilcox ‘Room’ project,

Wilcox View

Wilcox debut on 2015 with the single album ‘Dress code’. he’s a part of Inplanet Music which is a home for OuiOui, The Suite, Hwaji & one of the artist that feature in this track Boni. Starting at February this year (2019), Wilcox have a new project titled ‘Wilcox Room’ the first track is titled ‘Tokyo’, this is the second one title ‘View’


Wilcox View feat ChoiLB & Boni lyric video

View, a song by wilcox that gonna take you city viewing from bird eye point of view. Just like the lyrics ‘We’re going to fly at night City view. We fly at night~” Choilb & Boni take turns to rap & sing their verse respectively. Giving us another point of view of love, different than Wilcox.



Wilcox debut track ‘Dress code’ feat G2

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