Crucial Star cigarette | Prepare for 2019 album

Crucial star Cigarette. A new single of Crucial star that currently preparing for another album on 2019. Let’s listen to the track while wait for more Crucial star music !

Crucial Star Cigarette

Crucial star is one of the ‘Veteran’ Rapper in the industry right now. Officially debut on 2010 with the collaboration EP with Mad Clown ‘Crucial Star vs Mad Clown’. Crucial star join on SMTM 4 yet eliminated in the 1st elimination because he forget his lyrics. He’s also one of the most productive rapper, already have close to 200 songs release.


Crucial Star Cigarette Music video

Smoking is harmful, we all know that but we ended up smoking cigarrete when we lonely. Crucial star latest song is a song about farewell, which suit the sentimental rapper who always flourish in this type of song atmosphere. The Music video of ‘Cigarette’ were shoot in Barcelona, Spain with none other than Crucial star partner model Kim jinkyung ~.

Crucial Star Cigarette lyrics translation snippet
“I thought i quit smoking, I never smoke when i with you,
you hate the smell and i want to be perfect for you
But When i’m alone, i burn so many cigarettes
as if i someone completely different
i burn away our memories in the ashtray”



This type of sentimental atmosphere is really the forte of Crucial Star. There’s been many songs of Crucial star in the past but this still my personal favorite : ‘Study Abroad’ . Give it a listen !

Crucial Star ‘Study Abroud’ feat Han All

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