Narae Lee Spiderman | New music after 2 years

Narae Lee Spiderman. Known before as Ballad singer, Narae lee start again with new type of music on 2019.

Narae Lee Spiderman

So where have she been ?? Narae Lee last track was on December 2017, since then she been traveling, trying to find inspiration while sorting out her thoughts. Now, fresh with a new music style , release new track ‘Spiderman’ that based on her own story ~. TMI : Narae Lee also participate in Reddy ‘Stand by You Remix challenge and become one of the winner!


Narae Lee Spiderman MV

The story behind this track : Spider . Yup ! The track is based by narae Lee experience with Spider who wont budge. Just like the lyrics about insensitive man who wont budge even if the girl want to get closer, instead going on his own pace. The track ‘Spiderman’ is self produced, composed & written by Lee narae ~



Narae Lee cover ‘D (half Moon)’ (Original by DEAN)

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