Unpretty Rapstar 2019 not air | 3 years in a row

Unpretty Rapstar 2019 not air again. MNET decide that this year is not the year for Unpretty Rapstar Season 4, it marks 3 consecutive year that the show didnt air

Unpretty Rapstar 2019

MNET confirms that Unpretty Rapstar will not air on 2019, MNET official said that due to lack of talented female rapper (which i completely disagree) & Public interest in the show they decide to not air Unpretty rapstar this year. The show also in verge of being canceled, they still hope that they can air it one day, but not in the near future.


Unpretty Rapstar throwback

Unpretty rapstar usually on my lowest priority list when it comes to hip hop shows because the show emphasizing more on Drama between contestant rather than their rap skill & music ability. We can’t deny that this show give a spotlight to talented female artist over the years, not just rapper like Jessi, Cheetah & Giant PInk but also singer like Heize & Kassy that took off after their appearance on Unpretty rapstar.



Lack of talented female contestant for Unpretty Rapstar 2019. said MNET Official

This is the reasoning that i can’t agree no matter how i look at it. Consider just few months ago there’s Lee youngji that become School rapper 3 winner, and rising rapper such as Jvcki wai, Shin Yujin, Yunhway, Dalzi and many more can rise even without exposure from survival show/tv programs.  There’s no lack of talented female rapper in KHH Industry, let’s get one thing right.



Last year on SMTM 777, there’s only 1 female rapper that pass the 2nd round audition (Swervy) & there’s only 3 female rapper as School rapper 3 contestant out of 32 contestant. There so many talented rapper out there waiting to be found, just need to get the chance & airtime they deserve. Hopefully, SMTM 8 will be the season where female rapper contestant rise !! There so many talented contestant that join this year, make sure to check it out !



There won’t be Unpretty Rapstar 2019, but we hope that there’s gonna be another Season in the future, of course with a new format that show contestant skill rather than drama.


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