Cjamm Keung Album | Welcome back to the industry !

Cjamm Keung Album. Look who’s back ! I thought i wont be hearing Cjamm on 2019 but now he’s back with a full album !

Cjamm Keung

Cjamm Keung album description is simple “Long time no see, i gonna see you more often”. Last year, Cjamm was sentenced to 2 years of probation after illegal drug usage (Marijuana is illegal in South korea). Cjamm was actually recording something the day the incident happen, we don’t know if this album is the result of what Cjamm recorded back then but one thing we know is we missed Cjamm music.


Cjamm keung Album lyrics

  • Nothing Matters
  • I laugh now
  • Slay
  • You Better
  • Love it feat Yescoba
  • Error
  • Oh God
  • Cocaine Love feat Yescoba
  • Extraordinary
  • Pokerface
  • Leave

Cjamm Cocaine Love feat yescoba

I was worried because of the song title, because South Korea news articles tends to make a clickbait headline (even though they didnt even use it). I glad they (SK News article) didnt make a big deal of Cjamm new song and we can enjoy the music~. There’s actually funny story about Cjamm & drugs, CJamm actually confess that he bought & use ecstasy to police but he was scammed by the drug dealers, ended up negative at the drug test.



Cjamm have been making lots of noise in South Korea music industry since his debut on 2013 as part of Sexy Street crew with Bewhy, Appear on SMTM 3 & SMTM 5 and having a successful solo career with songs topping the charts after

Cjamm SMTM 5 2nd round performance


Cjamm know live clip

Make sure to follow CJamm on INstagram : @Cjadoublem . Can’t wait for Cjamm music !



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