Way Ched Ambition Musik | Talented producer add to the lineup

Way Ched Ambition musik !! Who ?? Many were questioning about who is the newest artist to sign with Ambition Musik, let’s get to know more about Way Ched !

Way Ched Ambition Musik

Wait, Why the name Way Ched ?? It’s actually because he really like Cheddar cheese, he just add way in the front so it becomes way ched. Officially debut on 2018 with the EP ‘Share Feelings‘ the producer didnt have many songs yet in terms of quantities but in terms of qualities there’s been tons of potential.

Ambition Musik artist

Way Ched Ambition Musik

Ambition musik doesnt have dedicated producer yet, there’s Changmo who can make music but consider his busy schedule it’s too much to ask for Changmo to produce tracks for other member aswell.  Producer Way Ched will be a great help in producing music for others while also explore his own music, maybe a collaboration with Illionaire hyung ??


Way Ched RnB Ting feat SIk-k

This track is is from Way Ched debut EP ‘RnB Ting’ feature Sik-k of H1GHRMUSIC & Yelowsmob. Rnb Ting was actually made in one day because it was new year even and Way Ched doesnt want to trouble Sik-k with the recording. This is not the only collaboration that Way Ched collaborate with Sik-k, Way Ched also make one of the track of Sik-k FL1P Album!



Way Ched ‘Homesickness’ feat leellamarz & Simon Dominic




Make sure to follow Way Ched Ambition Musik on instagram :@Way_ched ; @Ambition_musik  . Ambition Musik a so announce that Way Ched gonna release an album on 14th of June 2019 !



What do you think of Way ched Ambition musik ?? Do you think it’s gonna be a great fit ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!


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