Rothy Color of Rothy | Music versatility of Rothy

Rothy Color of Rothy Mini album. A singer songwriter that’s in the rise recently with many talents ! Check out more about Rothy & her music color !

Rothy Color

Rothy officially debut on 2017 under Dorothy company, a agency of Ballad king Shin Seunghoon. Rothy were often singing ballad tracks for OST but it doesnt mean Ballad is Rothy genre, Rothy is a R&B singer when she release her own track, especially for this Mini album Color of Rothy.


Rothy Color of Rothy tracklist

  • Bee
  • Beautiful Days
  • Temperature
  • Blossom flower

Rothy was already familiar with multiple instrument such as Guitar & Piano in the past that help singing ballad tracks, but now Rothy add more effort by adding different genre of music including hip hop, R&B and many more !

Rothy Bee MV

Bee is a R&B track that show side of Rothy that havent seen before. Rothy also add dance sequence because she also perform this track on Television Music shows such as Music Bank, Show Champion and so on. The album description said that this type of music gonna be Rothy style going forward, excited ?


The first time i heard of Rothy is actually on Dingo Music live clip where she feature in Kisum track ‘It’s Okay’ instead of Heize (Original singer). I glad i found Rothy back then

Kisum ‘It’s Okay’ feat Rothy Dingo Live Clip

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