Lim Kim Sal Ki | Comeback after 4 years

Lim Kim Sal Ki. A new track after 4 years, yup it’s been that long since we hear that one and only voice of Lim Kim.

Lim Kim Sal Ki

Nowadays i often talk about singers that have unique voice, but 5 years ago there’s probably one singer that pops out when i talk about South Korea singer with unique Voice color : Lim Kim. Lim Kim was a part of Togeworl in Superstar K 3,  achieve mainstream popularity in 2013 where her track keep topping music charts one after another. Lim Kim havent release any music since 2015, i thought i never gonna hear her voice anymore, i glad i were wrong.


Lim Kim Sal ki Audio

Didn’t expect this comeback, didn’t expect this kind of music. Lim Kim was known for her unique voice color yet her music is actually more ‘pop’ back in 2013 -- 2015. ‘Sal Ki’ is an unfamiliar concept (even by our standards), in Melon it registered as hip hop but this is more into new age fusion, a genre that we probably expect to hear from Cifika rather than LIm Kim. This is just a start though, Lim Kim said in his Instagram that he’s gonna release an EP Soon!



If you’re not yet sold on the new music style of Lim Kim. Check out Lim Kim past release that more ‘pop’ and easy to listen. She really have one  and unique voice ~

Lim Kim ‘Rain

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