Rhymer Radio Star | Brand New Music CEO, Wife, AB6IX, and TMI

Rhymer Radio star appearance bcome quite a news in South korea. Especially when he’s tell the story about AB6IX !

Rhym,er Radio Star



Brand New Music New Building

Brand New 7

At the end of July, we will move to the seven-story company building. In Yeoksam-dong.” Rhymer wants to throw an event like other big agencies, Dae Hwi commented, “On the artists’ birthdays, big agencies put up a banner. I heard that he wants to do it. “



Paying AB6IX Debt and Big Investment

Usually idol is in debt to the company because it cost so much just to debut one group. Many idol were not paid until years after their debut, But it different with AB6IX Lee Dae Hwi said , “When you have been a trainee for years, you accumulate debts. Rhymer paid off every AB6IX member’s debt. Instead of telling us in a light manner, he called us over to the meeting room before he made an announcement. It was quite memorable.”

Rhymer responded, “I would not call it as a debt. The amount of money to take care of trainee is very big. But, since they worked hard to debut, I wanted to reward them”Rhymer responded, “The agency will take on the big expenses so that the group can earn money from the start. It was a favor from me. Even these microphones are my present to you. If I did not told them, they would have thought they paid for those microphones.” J

TMI : Dae Hwi added about Rhymer investment through AB6IX, “Customized microphones are trendy these days. He got us five red customized microphones. He said, “They are a present.” I replied, “Thank you.” I was really thankful.



How to Make-Up with Wife Ahn Hyun Moo


Rhymer has a know-how in writing a good letter of apology for his wife. “What my wife likes the most is a letter. Among presents and everything I could do for her, she loves it when I convey my feelings in words. When I want to apologize after a quarrel, I write a letter to her because she likes it. She likes it, but her standards are high. She wants a sentimental letter that touches her heart.”

“I do not have to write flowery words or excuses. “Do you remember the road we walked on?” or, “I am really sad today and I went to eat bean sprout and rice soup and I felt like I did not deserve to eat it.” I am writing the stories that feels alive.”



Rhymer Dance

Rhymer Radio star appearance highlight is when he dance to cover Lee Daehwi who were shy when the MC ask daehwi to dance.



Rhymer Often Cries:  Wife Job and Brand New Music Artists

Rhymer cried many times during the pre-meeting of Radio Star. “I think I am affected by my age, and during the pre-meeting, I was talking to them about GREE and Dae Hwi. Since I know very well how much they try, I got teary talking about it. The new Produce 101 is going on right now and the trainees of our firm is on that audition. I was watching them to be evaluated in groups divided by their agencies, my wife wiped my tears.

Rhymer often watches Same bed, different Dreams where his wife appeared as the main host and cast. “My wife goes to the studio alone and film the show. I do not know what happens there or what she talks about there. She was worried people might misunderstand. She was explaining and trying to defend me in the studio. It was a new side of her that I have not seen before. I felt really touched watching her.”



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