Rhymer Radio Star | Brand New Music CEO, Wife, AB6IX, and TMI

The CEO of Brand New Music told his stories about BNM, AB6IX, his wife Ahn Hyun Mo, and many more. Checkk out Rhymer Radio star story !

Rhymer Radio Star

On June 5th, all of the four guests appear on Radio star :  “Ra Ra Land.” There were Rhymer the CEO, UV’s Muzie, AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi, and rapper GREE. CEO Rhymer also talk about lots of stuff, including life as a producer, BNM CEO & Wife Ahn Hyun mo


Produces Muzie New Release

Recently, Rhymer worked with Muzie on a new music, then Muzie commented, “Yoon Sang gave me a song recently. I am really grateful for it. But, as you know, since I used to be my own, I do not have a marketing manager that takes care of these things, so I asked Rhymer for his advice. And when I did, he offered his help regarding marketing and areas that I could not do it on my own. And he produced my single this time.”


Supports Lee Dae Hwi Success

When asked about Lee Dae Hwi’s success, Rhymer predicted it right, “Even those singers who debuted have a hard time showing their talents in front of important figures. I saw Dae Hwi for the first time when he was practicing. The moment I saw him, I was surprised. Back then, he was a trainee, but he was so eager to show me what he could do. I could see the passion in his eyes, and he showed me a lot of energy. The thought that he would be successful anywhere crossed my mind.”




Avoids “Golden Spoon” to Gree: Story About Gree Hit song ‘Nineteen

Rhymer not hang out with GuRa so people did not get the wrong idea about Gree & Kim Gura connection “Sometimes, I would like to hang out with Gura. But, if we do, some people might get the wrong idea. Gura called me only once. Gree debuted with single. The title was “Nineteen” With the song, Gree topped the music charts. Gu Ra called me the next morning, “My gosh, what happened?” Gu Ra told me to help Gree to stay humble and focus on his music.”

Rhymer praised Gree because of his warm heart, and told, “I heard from other people that Gree complimented me a lot. I had no doubt that he was going to renew with the contract I would offer and continue his career with us.



Wedding song : Wanna one ‘Pick Me’

Gree commented on Rhymer who was crazy about idols and avoided to sing a romantic song  during his wedding. “ I thought that he was going to sing a romantic song on his wedding. But, he told his friends to sing Wanna One’s “Nayana / Pick Me”. Lee Dae Hwi added, “In my opinion, Rhymer wanted to do the hottest wedding at the time. This was for Instagram.”

Rhymer said that his wife wanted that song. She became a fan of Produce 101 because of me. She really liked the song and she said that it would be great if they sang it at the wedding. It actually happen !




Rhymer drinking habit

Gree talked about Rhymer’s drinking habit. “Whenever he has drinks, he starts free-style rapping. But his rap is so lame. Worse than that, he always makes other people rap when they do not want to.”

Lee Dae Hwi feels goosebumps whenever Rhymer dances in the recording room. “When we were preparing an album, everyone wrote songs for the album. We had to the recording ourselves. Sometimes, he would come in and start dancing when he got too excited. “Hey, played the song!” Then suddenly he did the old dance. He did body wave. He drew a star with his finger. We always film him when he does those things. He wanted us to use his dance as our choreography”


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