GREE Radio Star | Story About Father and Upcoming Activites

Latest episode of Radio Star include artist from Brand New Music GREE/MC Gree. Let’s check out the fun episode of GREE radio Star!

Gree Radio Star

On June 5th, all of the four guests were the representatives from Brand New Music. The episode has the theme called “Ra Ra Land.” Kim Gura son Gree have a lot of story to share with everone !

Gree Radio Star guest alongside : 

  • Rhymer the CEO
  • Muzie of UV
  • Lee Dae Hwi of AB6IX


Kim Gura, MC Gree father always talk too much

GREE said that his dad (Kim Gura) is MSG, It means that Kim Gura always exaggerate something when Gura talked about GREE, then said, “For example, on Parents’ Day, as I have grown up now and it was Parents’ Day, so I surely was going to send him a text message. I was going to send him a text message.”

“But he abruptly called me around 3 or 4 pm, and rebuked me I was not sending him any text message on Parents’ Day and was not giving any thanks to him. So I sent him a text message that went “Dad, thank you for being my dad,” and so on. But, he said that my message was just, “Thanks, Dad” on this show.”


GREE going to army?

Gree radio star

GREE stunned about his father news, then commented, “Suddenly, there was news on social media, saying “GREE will join the army next year at fastest,” when I did not say anything about joining the army. I found out that my dad said, “GREE would join the army next year.”

“The truth is, one day, he asked me, “Dong Hyun, when do you want to join the army?” I said I was not sure, and he said, “I guess you would join it next year.” So I said I would think about it, then he said I would join the next year to the reporter.”



Gree radio star story. Relationship With CEO: Drops Honorifics and Close to his father

Rhymer changed so much after GREE had signed contract with him. “When I searched him online, he was born in 1977. So called him hyung, after signed contract, he texted me “Starting now, address me politely.”

GREE figured out a few times that Gu Ra was in bed with Rhymer, which was a lie. “Rhymer said, “You are one of my artists from now. Just listen to me starting now.” He told me out of the blue and my father called me around the same time to say the same matter.



Brand New Music Changes Its Focus?

Brand New 7

GREE jokingly said Rhymer considers the rappers as his drinking buddies. “His rappers are his drinking buddies.. He invests on idol singers more.”

When asked whether Rhymer changed his label focus or not, he said, “When I first started my label, I was going to produce more than hip hop music. I always thought that my label would handle a wide array of genres. And it is happening now.”  Brand New Music recently also make a sub agency Brand New A to become a house for artist that have ‘different’ genre than BNM


Promotional Activities on Brand New Music


GREE told he wants to enter other company that Brand New. “I am just jealous of one agency. It is not like I dislike the agency style of music. When an artist from the agency releases a song, other artists do not promote it. I am really jealous of that.” Gura asked, “Which agency does that?“ “Swings’ agency does that. Jay Park agency does that, too.”


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