Colde Love part 1 EP | What is Love ??

Colde Love part 1. What is Love ?? Colde answer what love means for Colde. This EP ist just a start of what Colde want to achieve in the future ~

We already looking forward to Colde new music since the teaser comes out few months ago. I didn’t expect it gonna be an EP with 8 tracks inside though, i glad i was wrong because this EP is really good ! This EP also include the cover of ‘Don’t Leave Me’ (Original Light & Salt) which was release few months ago on April 2019.


Colde LoveĀ  part 1 tracklist

  • Love is a flower
  • Love make me jealous
  • I fxxking love you
  • WA-R-R
  • Scent
  • You Don’t Need my Love ??
  • Endless love
  • Don’t leave me

So what is love ?? In this EP, Colde want to show a pure love, just like a kid that believe in fairy tales. This EP is just a start of more love from Colde, the next one will be love when he’s more mature & grown.

Colde ‘WA-R-R’ MV preview

Do writing in the beginning of the track is actually handwritten by Colde ~. The MV seems just like it’s justĀ  random clip being mesh together but it actually relate with the lyrics of the song. For example the hook when Colde sings “i’m crumbling, please, i dont wanna fall apart, my heart is crushed” and the MV were building crashed down.



Not only release 1 MV, Colde also bless the fans who have been waiting for his comeback with another one ‘I Fxxing Love you’. As the title shown, this song is as straightforward as it gets when it comes to love. “really Fxxing i love you”

Colde ‘I Fxxing Love You’ MV

Colde ‘Love Part 1’ Physical album

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What do you think of Colde Love part 1 EP ?? Which track is your favorite from this EP ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!