BoA Feedback | I want a feedback from you

Boa Feedback. A comeback from the living legend of k-pop industry BoA that feature Nucksal from VMC. Check out the collaboration !!

Boa Feedback

Debut on 2000, BoA is not only a south korea living legend but in Asia & Global aswell. BoA have 640 songs registered in Melon from 19 years career, thats an achievemnt that not many can compete. I cant compete against Wikipedia in terms of explaining BoA greatness so it really a honor to have one of khh rapper Nucksal featuring in BoA track, her latest track ‘Feedback’.


BoA Feedback feat Nucksal MV

Feedback is a retro dance pop song that were self composed & written by BoA. Feedback receive a lot of love from South Korea citizen, where it top the charts on Naver while going top 20 on other music chart, congrats !! Nucksal have been busy appear on TV programs such as TVN ‘Amazing Saturday’ & School rapper 3, glad he can make enough time to participate in Boa track.



It’s not the first time BoA feature KHH rapper, there’s a track with Junoflo ‘Autopilot’

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