SMTM 777 Producers | A calm Season with friendship

SMTM 777 producers, a great lineup even though it didnt scream ‘Star Power’ as much as previous season. This season is a story about Friendship between producer & contestant.

SMTM 777 Producer

SMTM 777 introduce a new format different from previous seasons. There’s no more the iconic 1st round acapella audition where contestant show their raw skills to the producer. Instead, the producer gonna pick 500 contestant from online audition that contestant can post on their SNS (Instagram/facebook/youtube).


SMTM 777 producers Swings & Giriboy

SMTM 777 Producer

Swings :2018 have been up and down year for Just Music. Swings come to the show not only to represent Just Music but the rising company of Indigo Music where rapper like NO:EL & Kid Milli were joining this show. Swings is fair though, no special treatment, no 2nd Digiri.


Giriboy : One of the most productive rapper & producer in recent years. Giriboy not only Swings right hand in Just Music but also in SMTM 777. Giriboy quirky & fun personality will be a good balance of Swings explosiveness/

  • Just Music
  • WYBH
  • SMTM 3 Contestant
  • SMTM 777 & 8 producer
  • School rapper 1 & 3 Mentor
  • IG @Giriboy91



SMTM 777 Producers THe QUiett & Changmo

SMTM 777 Producer

The Quiett : SMTM appa. SMTM professor, SMTM fossil. That’s the nickname that netizen give to The Quiett for appearing again as SMTM producer. Not counting his age, The Quiett is the most veteran on SMTM 777, appear as producer 2 times already on SMTM 3 & 5.

  • SMTM 3, 5 & 777 Producer
  • School rapper 3 Mentor
  • Illionaire
  • IG: @Thequiett


Changmo : The maknae of SMTM 777. Many people forget that Changmo appear on SMTM 3 yet eliminated on the 1st round. Since then the underground rockstar have been making name of himself and prove that he’s as good as any producer in this list.

  • SMTM 3 contestant
  • Ambition Musik
  • IG : @Changmo_




SMTM 777 producers Deepflow x Nucksal

Deepflow : 2 Seasons without any winning contestant as School rapper mentor. Deepflow is not only the CEO of VMC the baddest hip hop company in the industry but also a good mentor who always close with his artist & members. Including on SMTM 777.


Nucksal : Last year, Nucksal is not able to finish the goal and only become a runner up on SMTM 6. Still, Nucksal become more than just a rapper since his appearance on SMTM 6. TV appearance calling, he’s now become the mainstay of School rapper 3 MC & ‘Amazing Saturday’ variety show.

  • School rapper 2 & 3 MC
  • VMC
  • SMTM 6 Contestant
  • IG: @Nucksal



SMTM 777 producer Paloalto & Code Kunst

Paloalto : HiLite !! Paloalto is the boss of Hi-lite records, a rising company who found their foothold recently. Experience isnt something that need to be ask from the rapper who already debut in . Appearing in previous SMTM 4 season with Zico also help Paloalto resume.


Code Kunst : “he have 400 beats in his hard disk” The newest member of AOMG is a really talented & productive producer. Code Kunst not only give beats to his own team member, he even goes through the length and help other Producer team (VMC) and make beats for them. Have 2 cute cats also a bonus.

  • AOMG
  • Legit Goons
  • SMTM 777 producer
  • School rapper 3 mentor
  • IG: @Code_kunst


Should be SMTM 777 producers Bewhy & GRAY

SMTM 777 producers

The first announcement of the producer that hype everyone up !! Bewhy & GRAY supposed to be producer of SMTM 777 but cancelled at last minute. This producer collaboration will be the biggest what if in SMTM history, consider now AOMG have their own hip hop show and gonna compete with SMTM.



SMTM 777 Cypher

Is this your favorite SMTM producer lineup ???? Let us know in the comment section below !!