Pullik Play | Official song of 37th Korea Theater Festival

Pullik Play, Pullik from Grandline entertainment and Eumcha1ld crew release a new song to commemorate 37th South korea Theater Festival.

Pullik play

Pullik not only known for his rap ability & stint on School rapper, he’s also known as a son of senior actor Park Hosan. Arts have been accompanying Pullik growing up, with support from family, his father even approve Pullik decision to not attend university for now and focusing on music activities. Not something familiar especially on a country like South Korea where regular education were holds in esteem.


Pullik ‘Play

Play is the official theme song of the 37th Korea Theater Festival. The theme of the festival is ‘Art exists everywhere’. Not only in theater or movie/tv screen, everyone is an actor and our life is the stage. A cheesy quote yet really relevant about the latest Theater festival and the new song by Pullik ‘Play’


Pullik audition for SMTM 8 this year. He’s ready to take a new challenge after his stint on School rapper & join new family Grandline entertainment

Pullik SMTM 8 audition


Make sure to follow Pullik on Instagram :@pullik_99.04.21 . Can”t wait to see him on SMTM 8 later this summer !!



Listen & purchase to Pullik play on Spotify, Melon, genie & Bugs


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