Bloo OST | For OCN ‘Voice 3’ drama

Bloo OST . Recently, there’s been many rapper that involved in Drama OST, including the latest one Bloo of MKITRAIN that join the OST for Voice 3 Drama.

Bloo OST

Voice 3 will be the first drama OST that Bloo participate with. Officially debut on 2016, Bloo been active since last year, release Bloo in wonderland EP and feature with artist like Ash Island & Niahn. Anyway, Voice 3 is just air 3 weeks ago, so it’s not too late to catch up with the drama !


Bloo ‘Open your Eyes’ audio

The track produced by Toil who already produce track for Ash Island, Leellamarz, jayci yucca among many others. Bloo voice really suit the tense thriller drama of ‘Voice 3’ recent episode theme : desperation. TMI : This is not the first time that rapper feature in Voice drama series OST, Changmo also feature in the original ‘Voice’ drama.



Bloo downtown baby.

Make sure to follow Bloo on Instagram :@badboyloo . He’s been teasing on joining SMTM 8 few months ago, will we see the next MKITRAIN artist this summer on MNET ??



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