Save Me 2 OST | 1st OST of the drama by Chaboom

Save me 2 OST. Have you watch the thriller drama Save Me 2 on OCN ?? Well if you havent at least let’s listen to the OST by Chaboom !

Save me 2 OST

Save Me 2 is a new drama that air every Wednesday and Thursday on OCN,  I wont give any spoiler about The drama because it’s only starts 3 weeks ago so if you interested in slow but steady type of thriller & psychology  type of Drama this should be the drama for you ~


Save me 2 OST ‘Believe‘ by Chaboom

Rapper is not usually the go to artist/musician to start a drama OST. But considering this drama is not intense as the first season of ‘Save Me‘, Chaboom style of rap and music really suit the rural set location while slowly getting into the mood, character & plot of the Drama. The track is titled ‘Believe’ with the lyrics that also explain the main story of this drama.



Chaboom have been busy since appear last year on SMTM 777. Recently, Chaboom also feature in Cheetah track ‘Flight’. Chaboom also gonna have a future project with pH-1, Kim Hyoeun, Jay Park & DJ Wegun that gonna be release soon !

CHaboom vs Seo Ilgyo SMTM 777 3rd round

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What do you think about Save Me 2 Drama OST by Chaboom ?? Make sure to watch the drama if you have free time !!