Bition Boyz | The boys of Ambition Musik lets go !!

Bition boyz !! We’ve been waiting for the new track of Ambition musik that include the latest artist & maknae Ash Island. Now we finally got it !

Bition Boyz

On 2016, Ambition Musik was born. Since then they already add School 2 contestant Yoon Jinyoung / Clloud,or now known as Ash Island. Now we have a new song where 4 of the bition boyz can perform together in the stage !


Bition Boyz

Not only include Ambition musik Member : Changmo , Hash Swan, Kim Hyoeun & ash Island. The track also include wayside town crew that produce the track : TOIL & the one who did  the chorus : Skinny Brown . Well details aside, Where is the music video ?? Illionaire & Ambition music tends to release the Music video later on down the road just like The Quiett Glow forever album so no need to rush ~



Illionaire & Ambition musik is plan to have a South korea tour this year. If you happened to be in South Korea when the date make sure to goes there and watch them perform bition boyz !!

Illionaire Ambition Tour 2019

Bonus : Changmo , Kim Hyoeun & Hash Swan ‘One More rollie’

Make sure to follow the Bition boyz on instagram : @Changmo_ ; @keemhyoeun ; @Hashblanccoa & @Ash_island . Can’t wait to see more of them on 2019 !



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What do you think of the new track by the boys of Ambition ?? Is this gonna become your new ambition anthem ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!