Mona Why | 4th single, lets stay together

Mona Why ? In this article, we not only answer about why but also who,. Check out more about Mona & her 4th single !!

Mona Why

Officially debut last year on 2018, debut with EP ‘When’ and make a lot of noise with mainstream listener because Mona sing the theme song of JTBC ‘Hyori Homestay 2‘ variety show. Also, if you a drama lover, you probably already heard Mona voice because she fill the OST for Channel A drama ‘Coffee, Do Me a Favor’ .


Mona Why

Why is a self made ballad R&B Track where Mona participate in writing the lyrics & Composing. The song is about wanting to hold on to the eventual separation with precious ones. “why, why ? as time goes by it feels more distant, Why, Why¬†?? I still got lots of things to do with you”



The first time i listen to Mona is when i heard her voice on JTBC ‘Hyori Homestay‘ Season 2. This is still my personal favorite track from Mona, give it a listen ~

Mona ‘Love You’

Make sure to Follow Mona on Instagram : @vicmona_official . Can’t wait for more music ~



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What do you think of Mona 4th single Why ?? Does her style of music suit your taste ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!