Meego 160 degree EP | Looking from Meego point of view

Meego 160 degree EP .1st EP from R&B singer Meego who have been feature in Jclef, Gilla & Cosmicboy tracks. Let’s check out more information about both Meego & 160 degrees EP !

Meego 160 degree

Officially debut on 2016 with single ‘You’re my Style’, Meego have a really unique voice that i guarantee make you hooked. Wait, where’s the  stage name Meego come from ?? It’s from the words ‘Me’ + ‘Ego’  = meego . Recently Meego release Freeze single album on February 2019, now Meego decide to release an EP because it’s easier to tell the whole story. A Story about how Meego views his day


Meego 160 degree EP Tracklist

  • Zzz feat Jclef
  • Sunset
  • Fiction
  • Full of stars
Meego want to draw pictures of the things that happen according my views of the world. he wish your life will be full of miracle after listening to this EP.

Meego 160 degree full album

Well because Poclanos is nice and release the full album, here you go

Zzz featured Korea hip hop 2019 awards nominated artist Jclef who also have a rap verse~.

Sunset is an acoustic base track that talk about Meego insecurity yet he knows he need to get up eventually, Just like the lyrics  “Wonder what is the story of this hollowness Yet it feels like it is talking to me The moonlight’s shining bright upon us all

Fiction . Is there such a thing as perfect Love? Sometimes we too much fixated on that so let’s take a steps back and we gonna realize that lots of our worries is just fiction. A snippet of Fiction lyrics : “Dreams and reality are different. I know. yet I’m gonna end up in that position again.”

Full of stars . My personal favorite track, jump to 9:40, close your eyes and listen ~



Cosmicboy feat Meego & Youra DF Live clip

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