Suran Coogie Into the Abyss | TVN Abyss drama OST

Suran Coogie collaboration !! It’s also for TVN Drama ‘Abyss’ OST. Have you watch the drama that stars Park Bo young & Ahn hyoseop ??

Suran Coogie

This is something i really look forward to when Coogie join Million market last year. Coogie & Suran both have unique one and only voice, whenever we heard their voice we wont be mistaken with other artist. Suran just release Jumpin EP in march while Coogie is plan to become a producer/judges for YG New hip hop program.


Suran Coogie into the abyss

The genre of the music is said to be dreamy trap music. Where it combine trap beat with numerous effects like 808, synth, natural music like sea bubbles and so on. The music still not overwhelm both Suran & Coogie voice. Oh anyway, now you already watch the clip which basically 1st episode spoiler, might aswell watch the full drama !



There’s havent been much interaction on SNS between Suran & Coogie even though they were in the same agency. The only interaction that we spot is when Suran Coogie & Moon come to SMTOWN Haloween event together.

Suran COogie

Make sure to follow both of them on Instagram : @Suranelenashin ; @Coogie0123 & @Millionmarket.



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What do you think of Suran coogie collaboration ?? Don’t forget also to watch the drama if you have free time !