Bibi Binu | Debut track of Feelghood Maknae

Bibi Binu binu Lets be new~ SBS The Fan Runner up bibi finally debut !! Let’s check out the music from Feelghood music maknae ~

Bibi Binu

One of the most anticipated rookie debut, not only in KHH/KRNB scene but also by everyone. We already Bibi voice & talent in SBS survival show about Rookie/unknown artist ‘The Fan’. But in that show, most of the time Bibi sing ballad songs / do covers so we still really curious about bibi original music style. Now, we have the chance to hear Bibi original music style because the debut track ‘Binu is self produced, composed & written by Bibi.


Bibi Binu MV

“Binu binu lets be new ~” . That’s the hook of Bibi new track Binu which is clever pun using korean words for soap = 비누 (Binu) and Be New. Like i wrote in the opening, she did really well on SBS The Fan but we need to erase the pre conception about bibi from the show. This is Bibi, with unique music and personality. She can sing, rap, do R&B, hip hop and everything in between.



If you haven’t sold on Bibi yet. here’s Bibi covering ‘letter’ wifh full of emotion

Make sure to follow Bibi on instagram : @Nakedbibi . Just like BIbi lyrics in Binu “People said she’s weird, What is is she thinking We have no clue” . Bibi instagram is also a box full of surprise ~


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