Paul Blanco Profile | Producer ? Singer? Rapper ? Why not all ~

Paul Blanco profile. If you a fan of Changmo, The Quiett or Yng & Rich records, you probably often see Paul Blanco perform & hang out with them. Let’s get to know more about Paul Blanco !

Paul Blanco profile

Paul Blanco Profile

Name : Paul Blanco
Date of Birth : 14th of September 1997
Genre : HIphop , Rnb
Producer, Singer, rapper
Debut : 2018 with a track last
Soundcloud :
Apple Music, Spotify


Paul BLanco ‘Nonsense‘ soundcloud

There’s not much information available yet regarding Paul Blanco profile. What we know is he start making music since as earliest as 2016. Paul Blanco origin in Toronto, Canada. He was start getting recognition as soundcloud artist. One of Paul Blanco earliest track is titled ‘Nonsense’

Official Debut track of Paul BLanco ‘Last

Last is debut track by Paul Blanco which is a R&B track that was release on 2017. Last also a full english track that easy to enjoy & listen. Somewhat this track is kinda forgotten especially because Paul BLanco often perform songs that make everyone jump together with energetic rapper like Uneducated Kid & Superbee .



Features in Changmo, Uneducated Kid & The Quiett Album

2018 is a great year for Paul Blanco. Not because he’s join SMTM or any survival show but because of his active participation. Paul BLanco Features in the tracks of Uneducated Kid, The Quiett & Changmo album did wonder for Paul Blanco. Paul already have tons of loyal fans but casual fans start to take a note.


Lake of FIre EP

First EP from Paul Blanco is titled Lake of fire. In this EP Paul Blanco not only produce the music & Sing but also rap ~. The music also explore new genre of music that he havent release it before. Check out the title track itachi mode.



Join Concert with Uneducated Kid

Paul BLanco also have a join concert with fellow rising artist of 2018, Uneducated Kid. This also start Paul Blanco busy activities in 2019, attend multiple big events like HIphopplaya Festival 2019, Seoul Fashion Festival and many more !


Producer Paul Blanco.

So far, Paul BLanco have produce his own songs & co produce other track (usually the one he features with). Just recently, Paul Blanco also get more recognition after he produce a collaboration track between powerhouse in Korea Hip hop The QUiett, Sik-k, Beenzino & Changmo ‘The Fearless ones‘. Have you listen to the track yet ??



Make sure to follow Paul Blanco on Instagram @Paulblancobain. He often also post fun instagram update so don’t miss out !!


There’s still more to cover on Paul Blanco profile. We hope we can add more in this article with more achievement of Paul BLanco in the future !