Boycold Coogie Cruise | Million track project

Boycold Coogie !! We got a collaboration between Yelowsmob artists Coogie & Boycold. We often saw them hang out together through their SNS but now they gonna make a track together !

1Million, a platform that more known for their dance project instead of Music project.. Now producer Boycold & rapper Coogie gonna collaborate for the new project from 1 million. So far, there’s only audio release for this track, but consider this track collaborate with 1million who known for Dance project & CJENM DIA TV i wouldn’t be surprised it there’s gonna be a special clip for cruise.


Boycold Coogie cruise audio

Cruise is a song about people who live their lives freely, without worrying about what other people think. Coogie lyrics in cruise were “Like Birds fly in the sky, I gonna cross overr the clouds, I dont care what people think, I gonna make all my worries disappear“. I dont think i need to make any reviews about Boycold music, it’s always deliver.



Million market also start a new 1million project. A collaboration project of Million market aritst, it could be Million Market x Million market just like Chin Chilla & Highcolor or could be Million market artist with another artist in the future. Can’t wait to see who next !

High Color ‘The Season’

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