Bryn Yankee feat Tommy Strate | i know i did it so hard

Bryn yankee. A new single by the rapper from Dickids crew ! The track yankee have tommy strate as the featuring, let’s check it out ~

BRYN Yankee

Officially debut on 2018, BRYN actually already make music way back since 2016. Start to get notice when goes until the 3rd round on SMTM 6 yet nowhere to be seen on SMTM 777. Bryn actually really active to ends last year with ‘Q’ EP and more than 15 featurings especially with fellow dickids member. TMI : BRYN Also become a cast member of EBS TV educational channel l’earn while rap’


Bryn Yankee feat Tommy Strate prod by Santa Paine

The intro is by producer Santa Paine who been helping producing Nevermind Series for Tommy Strate. There’s a lyrics by BRYN “you should be more proud of yourself, you dont have to listen to what anyone said, I said so,I should be more proud of myself” . As the oldest of Dickids crew, Bryn really become more mature over the years.


BRYN is planning to join SMTM 8 this year. Last year, i was critical about the season because there’s no female rapper got any airtime (beside Swervy) in the show. We hope BRYN could kickstart more of female rapper appearance in the program this season !

BRYN SMTM 8 audiiton

Make sure to follow BRYN on Instagram : @Dickidsbryn . Can’t wait to see BRYN in television later !!



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