Bibi Profile | Talented Feelghood Music Maknae

Bibi profile. Let’s get to know more about the maknae of Feelghood Music Bibi !! She’s more than just a maknae, but the musical daughter of Yoon Mirae & Tiger JK.

Bibi profile

Bibi Profile

  • Real Name : Kim Hyeong seo
  • Birthday : 27th of September 1998
  • Agency : Feelghood Music (the Maknae)
  • Fav Artist : Amin√©
  • Appear oN SBS The Fan & become runner up !
  • Debut : Haven’t officially Debuted but already feature in Drunken Tiger & TWLV Album


How Feelghood Music found BIbi ??

Now, we all know that Bibi is the maknae of Feelghood Music, but the story on hoiw Yoon Mirae & feelghood Music found Bibi is fun ! Yoon Mirae often listen to Soundcloud and that when she’s meet Bibi. Yoon Mirae fall in love with bibi music and even thought Bibi is a trainee from big agency because her musicality is really great.

Bibi actually just a normal high school girl who sing & make music for fun. Tiger JK & Yoon Mirae meet bibi and invite her to Feelghood Music. That’s proven to be a great decision looking at how talented Bibi is.


Bibi Soundcloud

Bibi have release music in her soundcloud since 2016, it’s been 3 years yet Bibi i still listen to Bibi old tracks because its still that good even on 2019. Make sure to follow Bibi on Soundcloud : @bakedbibi


Feature in Bizzy track ‘ooh aah’

Bibi unofficial debut is on 2018 with MFBTY Bizzy. Bibi show her R&B skill that really compliment Bizzy rap style in this track.



Bibi SBS The Fan

This is the start of Bibi rise on Korea Music industry. Appear on SBS The fan, Bibi keep showing her charm one after another in each ongoing episode. Finally Bibi become the runner up of this show !! A really great achievement consider Bibi goes against fierce competition like TWLV, CarTheGarden and even Hwang Yeji of Itzy.


Bibi cover Red Velvet ‘Peek A Boo’

This is just one of many songs cover of Bibi. One of bibi talent is she can change any type of music/genre into her own style and it always sounds good~


BIbi Debut !

Soon, Bibi gonna debut with a track ‘Binu’ soon !! It’s gonna be on 15th of May 2019, the teaser sounds like it gonna combine ASMR into the song. We hope we can add more to bibi profile soon !


Make sure to follow Bibi & Feelghoodmusic on Instagram : @nakedbibi  & @Feelghoodmusicofficial.




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