Paloalto Love money & Dreams Part 1 | New Single album

Paloalto Love money & Dreams part 1. A new single albom from Hi-Lite records boss paloalto, still really active despite all the schedule.

Paloalto love

Hi-Lite records is really busy recently, sign two new artist Jowonu & Swervy, release compilation track such as Air 2019 & Hi-Lite Sign while also perform both in South Korea & Overseas. Paloalto still manage to keep making new music despite busy managing hilite records with the latest single album ‘Love Money & Dreams’. 


Paloalto Love money & Dreams part 1 tracklist

Paloalto ‘dead‘ feat Kid Milli MV

My favorite track inside this single album is the track ‘Dead’ featuring SMTM 777 team copal member Kid Milli. Kid Milli verse also tell a story about his meeting Palo hyung on SMTM 777, who have been a big help for Choi Wonjae in the previous season of Show Me The Money. Team Copal forever !! TMI : The MV also include THe QUiett, Sik-k & Yumdda.


Snippet of Kid Milli verse on ‘Dead’

“Back to ‘18, first studio album AI, THE PLAYLIST, 
Came around the same time : 4 the Youth, that was classical
Two benchmark of Korea Hiphop  go to Show Me (the Money)
Then i meet hyung then Uyayaya (Good Day verse) then fuck it
Code Kunst & palo hyung, back then people only listen to rumors & judge”



This is just the 1st part of Paloalto Love Money & Dreams’ there’s haven’t been any announcement yet regarding the next part but we really look forward to it !!

Team Code Kunst & paloalto ‘Good Day’


Bonus : Even paloalto doggie ‘monk’ release music

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