Jeebanoff Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook | First fun appearance !

Jeebanoff Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook. Welcome to the show !! THis is the first time for R&B singer Jeebanoff to appear on Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook.

Jeebanoff Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook

This is what i love about the program, Yoo Heeyeol not only invited well known musician/artist in the show, but sometimes also invite up & rising artist from different type of genre including R&B. Jeebanoff Yoo heeyeol Sketchbook 441 appearance is a fun one ! He become a guest alongside Yang dail, Kwon Jungyeol of 10 cm & GRAY, but his segment is arguably the most fun !


Jeebanoff perform Sungbookgu Kids to open his performance

This is one of the most popular track from Jeebanoff Debut EP ‘So Fed Up‘ that was release back in 2016. Jeebanoff already win awards on Korean Music awards 2019, gaining tons of loyal listener over the year but still yet known by the general public.


Why stage name Jeebanoff ??

Well the story starts because he want to have a gender neutral stage name but with korean words. Inspired by freestyle rapper ZIzo sunbaenim he choose Jeeban as his stage name. After parting ways with former agency, add Off so it becomes Jeebanofff ~



cover Tears by So Chan wee

Check out Jeebanoff hitting the high notes of one of the most popular song in karaoke for South Korea. Jeebanoff the rocker sounds good ~


cover ‘Myself Reflected in My Heart’ (original Yoo Jaeha)

One of Jeebanoff favorite musician is the late Yoo Jaeha. Yoo Jaeha also Crush & Zion T favorite musician


Jeebanoff dreams : Billboard chart

Jeebanoff Yoo Heeyeolo SKetchbook

Jeebanoff always aim high. Since predebut days, Jeebanoff always set his goal to be ranked in Billboard chart, we hope one day we can look back to this episode and witness Jeebanoff achieve that !


Jeebanoff ‘Truth’

Make sure to follow Jeebanoff on Instagram : @Jeebanoff & if you want to watch Jeebanoff Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook with English subs you can watch it HERE.



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