Kim Hyoeun Untitled EP | 5 tracks all produced by Raudi

Kim Hyoeun Untitled EP !! Hyoeun from Ambition musik is back with a new EP with 5 tracks inside, all produced by Raudi.

Kim Hyoeun Untitled

Join Ambition Musik after a impressive performance on SMTM 5, Kim Hyoeun have been having up and down year, it’s mostly up with great battle against Nafla on SMTM 777, have a project 119 with SMTM 777 teammates & appear on 119 Remix. It’s all good until recently the song ‘money road’ become big news because hyoeun not censoring Bradystreet controversial lyrics. Well, it’s all in the past because we gonna talk about Kim Hyoeun latest EP!!

Kim Hyoeun Untitled EP tracklist

  • Tears
  • Money Rain feat Hash Swan
  • Sonagi feat Ash Island
  • Money Road feat Bradystreet
  • Dong

Money rain feat Hash Swan

Kim Hyoeun title track of this EP is ‘Money Rain‘ featuring fellow Ambition Musik member & Wayside town crew Hash Swan. Made by Raudi , the beat really suit Kim Hyoeun recent music style, especially after Hyoeun appear on SMTM 777 and join team VMC. The rest of the track is also awesome ! Make sure to check every tracks inside Kim Hyoeun Untitled EP.



Kim Hyoeun next project will be a collaboration project with the rest of Ambition Musik member Changmo, Hash Swan & Ash Island titled ‘Bition Boyz’ . It’s gonna be release on 12th of May 2019 so don’t miss that out !!

Bonus : Kim Hyoeun ‘XXL‘ on SMTM 777 feat Deepflow & Dok2

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