Cheetah flight feat Chaboom | Comeback as a singer

Cheetah flight !! The new track from Singer cheetah, wait singer ?? Yup ! This track is a release that also features Cheetah vocals not only rap ~

Cheetah Flight

Cheetah have been busy, she become the main cast of many TV show: Mentor of Produce 48 & 101X, Mimi Shop, Mobile Icon, MBC Kill Bill contestant, School rapper 2 mentor and many more TV Appearance. Flight featuring chaboom gonna be the new track of Cheetah since more than 1 years, it’s been a while ~.


Cheetah Flight feat Chaboom

Flight is a song from each first person perspective of partners going back & forth until they reach conclusion, Chaboom lyrics were “If we have all you can use key we can solve this, But why it feel so painful, But i still smile and say cheese ” Cheetah lyrics were “Why do you pretend be strong by yourselves, why ? You’re actually weak, why ?”  and ended with “We’ve been gone too far to be injured” ; “Let’s just fly together as if these our last flight”



Beside busy making appearance on TV programs, Cheetah also featured in Lee Hongki of FT Island track on October last year. Produce 48 mentors supporting each other ~

Lee Hongki ‘I Am‘ feat Cheetah

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